Association of Vedic Virtual Universities



    “Association of Vedic Virtual Universities” is registered from Surat Municipal Corporation, Gujarat, India on 17th March 2016 under the Gujarat State Tax on       Professions, Trade, Callings and Employments (Amendment) Act, 2008 (Guj 10 of 2008); Registration Number : PEC03SE57595.

2. Objective of the Association?

The objectives of the Association shall be: 

 a) Creation of digital infrastructure for Vedic knowledge system: To establish a common virtual platform for Virtual Universities besides Vedic Universities/ Sanskrit Universities /                   Institutions / Ashrams/ Gurukulas / Mutt / Mandirs (Temples) / Guru-Shisya Parampara based educational system etc. Thus acting as global medium (‘nimit’) for digital Vedic                   literacy; 

b) To widen the global educational opportunities and to improve the cost of member institutions by exchanging management information, teaching materials and research 

c) To help promote education by distance teaching systems, and develop its potentialities based on the ethos of Vedic Hinduism, Sanskrit and Non-Sanskrit Traditional ancient                           Literatures; 

d) To help promote professional and ethical standards amongst Virtual / Online educators especially for development, propagation and preservation of Vedic education in regional                  language; 

e) To co-operate with official bodies and others directly or indirectly interested in Virtual education;

f) To facilitate cooperation with other similar regional and international bodies in all the above objectives; and 

g) To do all other things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives under the ambit of delivering Vedic services digitally.